Creating a community that builds together

At Ixora Cowork, we are continuously on the lookout for professionals striving to create something beautiful in their respective industries, and have fun while doing so-with like minded professionals. Together we love to work, live to create and collaborate with passion.

We are a co-working space.

What is a co-working space, you ask?
It is this completely different way of working in an environment that is shared between professionals who work independently.

There is a certain synergy that arises out of such a setup. Professionals who share similar values take interest in understanding each other’s challenges and get to come together, to discuss about how each one can contribute to the other’s success.

So, whether you’ve got an idea for a startup or are a professional working independently, this could be the place where you do the most important work of your life.

Workspaces and Floor Plans


Why Ixora Cowork?

  • When you join Ixora Cowork, you join more than just a work-space, you join a curated, diverse and smart community of startups, developers, designers & artists.
  • Opportunities to connect, network and grow your business through monthly events and workshops hosted by us.
  • We invite management experts, successful entrepreneurs and investors to share their success story.
  • We encourage innovation, collaboration and peer learning.
  • Founders of Ixora Colab are associated with a diverse community and organisations and can connect you to specialists and experts in various fields.
  • The Location – we are located in the heart of Indiranagar, right behind the metro station with tons of cafes, breweries and food joints just a stroll away.
  • We have an adjoining Cafe for quick bites and lunch meetings and also bed & breakfast to host your travelling team members.

Member Benefits

  • 24/7 WiFi
  • Meeting Rooms
  • 24-Hour Access
  • Reception Service
  • Fully Furnished
  • Conference facility
  • Event Space
  • Cafe
  • Lockers
  • Bike Parking


Working at IXORA Colab gives you access to a community of professionals that are lone rangers on a mission to make waves in their industries and realize the importance of brainstorming and exchange of ideas to help the whole community grow together. We have weekly mentoring sessions, luncheons and networking sessions to help grow members’ businesses.


We have regular meetups and events within our community to engage members in deep intense sessions of idea exchange and recommendations. We like the idea of each one, teach all where every member gets to add value to topics of discussion and helps each meeting conclude with goals to meet before the next. That way everyone is held accountable by their neighbour to ensure success and learning from failure.


With a good mix of networking, discussions and mentor-ship, work becomes something to look forward to every day. What we enable here at Ixora is the growth of a community of individuals and teams that support each other in their growth journey. If you’re an early stage start up, SME, or developer team at some point you’re going to want to join a coworking space. Ixora cowork has housed some of the most incredible start-ups.

Ixora Cowork – A sneak preview

We have plans to suit all needs, starting from Rs 300.


Stay and Work

In order to be the one stop destination for startups and independent professionals, serviced apartments and serviced studios are on offer too. STAY CLOSE TO WORK

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